Meet the Team



Secretary-General: Andrew Chen
Director-General: Ariane Larouche
Assistant Director-General: George Stoyanov
Chief of Staff: Eliana Glogauer
Under-Secretary-General, Delegate Affairs: Abla Lamrani
Delegate Affairs Coordinator: Lara Aippersbach
Under-Secretary-General, Conference Operations: Sarmat Chowdhury
Under-Secretary-General, Administration: Stephann Sahmkow
Chief of External Relations: Lucas Szwarcberg

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Committee Staff

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United Nations General Assembly First Committee

Director: Bronson Ha
Chair: Patricia Kumbisaka
Rapporteur: Yue (Albee) Yan

United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees

Director: Lara Aippersbach
Chair: Camile Cockerton
Rapporteur: Sally Effie Ogoe

United Nations Environment Programme

Director: Katelynn Wynen
Chair: Priyanka Goel

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Director: Sebastien van der Est
Chair: Jakob Maniatacos

Commission on the Status of Women

Director: Feodora Chouakri
Chair: Sara Aubé

International Court of Justice

President: Mariana Odete Andrade
Vice-President: Tatyana Budilskaya

United Nations Security Council

Director: Derrik Whitlow
Chair: Alec Sader

International Press Forum

Editor-in-Chief: Kirthana Sasitharan
Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Lilia Brahimi

Crisis Staff

Crisis Director: Daniele Medlej