CANIMUN 2018 will feature a unique and dynamic lineup of committees, including one French committee. Each committee represents a real United Nations body, with the exception of the International Press Forum.




Deadline: March 1st, 2018

Position papers are short essays that briefly express your country’s stance on the topics to be discussed. Position papers should:

  • Be no more than 1.5 pages in length
  • Be divided into headings by topic
  • Have at least one paragraph for each topic
  • Have at least one introductory paragraph discussing your country’s foreign policy
  • Include an indication of the policy you intend to propose during committee

Please note that submitting a position paper is mandatory to be eligible for awards. We recommend that you read your committee’s background guide and complete your additional research before writing your position papers.

You can find detailed position paper guidelines here.

If you have any questions about position papers, please contact your chairs:

Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee:
World Health Organization:
United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs:
Programme Alimentaire Mondial:
International Court of Justice:
United Nations Security Council:
Civil Society Network:
International Press Forum: