The international Press Forum (IPF) committee at CANIMUN 2018 will give delegates attending the conference the opportunity to experience international relations, policy making and innovation from the point of view of media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, La Presse or The Guardian. Supervised by a traditional DAIS, delegates in this committee will be tasked with writing assignments rooted in observational work in the various committees at CANIMUN 2018. Delegates will have to put into practice their platform’s views, opinions and style, exposing the participants to the bias that sometimes erupts in contemporary media. Delegated will also partake in committee discussions on the implications of their views and their individual biases for the simulated mass of media sources, and how such dynamics may affect the real world.

The International Press Forum will be a bilingual committee. Both English-speaking and French-speaking delegates are welcome; delegates do not have to be bilingual to participate in the International Press Forum as journalists.



Additional Information:


Journalists will attend committee sessions and write articles based on what is happening within the committees. Journalists can present their work in numerous, such as by writing play by plays during debate, covering arguments, writing interviews, and taking pictures.

Our IPF staff members are experienced in journalistic writing, and will work with delegates to develop journalistic style and precision. Journalists will have the opportunity to go through a training session, where the guidelines and procedures for the committee will be discussed. Staff will also work with delegates on keeping an objective lens, visual presentation and interviewing skills. During the time allotted for Embassy Visits, delegates may also have the opportunity to visit a news studio in Ottawa.

IPF journalists are also able to be active on social media, as if they were journalists in the real world. Delegates from other committees can follow the work of IPF delegates, through the CANIMUN Gazette and through social media.