CANIMUN sets itself apart from other conferences on the Model UN circuit by its ambition to be the most realistic simulation of United Nations activities. The format and processes of CANIMUN’s committees are designed to resemble the actual United Nations as closely as possible, offering an educational forum for young scholars to engage in current international issues and challenges, and to develop the skills, tools and knowledge required to become future leaders. This approach allows delegates to place a focus on one’s own diplomatic, deliberation and policy-making skills.



CANIMUN is committed to providing the highest quality experience possible to all of its participants. In offering a unique selection of committees, CANIMUN has something for delegates with any level of experience. The committee staff are trained to the highest level, in order to deliver a sophisticated and dynamic environment for debate and discussion. CANIMUN also aims to provide as much support for delegates as possible, offering comprehensive background guides and preparation resources, as well as training sessions for delegates. CANIMUN also aims to enhance each participant’s experience by offering unique opportunities outside of committee sessions, by inviting engaging and inspiring speakers and guests, hosting social events and providing networking opportunities.



As an initiative of the United Nations Association in Canada, CANIMUN has access to a broad network of organizations, diplomatic officials, stakeholders and other parties. Its relationship with UNA-Canada allows for delegates’ ideas to be carried over into real-life discussions and debate on important issues facing the world. For example, resolutions from the conference are often passed on to policy-makers and stakeholders. UNA-Canada’s global partnerships give each delegate the opportunity to have their ideas heard beyond the committee room. In an age where the ideas of young people are valued more than ever before, CANIMUN allows delegates to have a lasting impact on the world around them.



CANIMUN is held in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city. Its strategic location allows delegates to have a variety of unique opportunities to enhance their Model United Nations experience. From embassy visits to discussions with diplomatic officials, CANIMUN provides delegates with a variety of learning and networking opportunities outside of the committee room. Delegations travelling to Ottawa also have the opportunity to add to their experience by visiting Ottawa’s many attractions, including the Parliament of Canada and the Supreme Court. Learn more about the many advantages of attending a Model United Nations conference in Ottawa by clicking here.



In order to provide the most rewarding experience experience possible for delegates, CANIMUN brings together staff from diverse backgrounds. The members of the 2017 team hail from five continents, and have educational backgrounds in fields ranging from international relations, to global security, to applied sciences. By bringing together a range of perspectives and experiences, CANIMUN is able to provide an innovative and stimulating learning environment for delegates. Learn more about our talented and diverse team by clicking here.