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The Civil Society Networks (CSN) Committee will provide a unique opportunity for delegates to take on the role of a non-governmental organization, community group, labour union, charitable organization, or other not-for-profit organization as a representative in other committees. Delegates will be able to advocate for the concerns of these organizations by working with delegates from other committees, presenting their arguments on a topic, and releasing statements to the International Press Forum. Issues of concern for CSN delegates could include: human rights, environmental protection, global health, and protecting international human security. This committee will bring together delegates from diverse backgrounds to learn more about the interactions between UN bodies and civil society organizations and to apply their knowledge of current issues facing the world.

Position Papers are due March 1st. See our Guidelines here.


Co-Director: Meghna Bellani

Meghna is an undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo, double-majoring in Political Science and Economics with a specialization in International Trade. She moved to Canada two years ago from her hometown Panama City, Panama, where she participated and led several Model United Nations conferences such as PANAMUN. Since moving to Canada, she has served as the Director of Education for the University of Waterloo’s Model UN club and has been a member of the dais and delegate for MUN conferences across Canada. Apart from Model UN, Meghna spends her free time training for boxing tournaments and watching TED talks! She is extremely excited to be co-directing CANIMUN’s new committee, the Civil Society Network, and hopes emphasize the importance of close relations between the UN and civil society organizations by encouraging delegates and building a community of individuals who are passionate about giving non-governmental and other organizations a strong platform to be heard.

Co-Director: Lara Aippersbach

Lara is a graduate of Carleton University’s Public Affairs and Policy Management program. Currently, she works as a policy analyst for Employment and Social Development Canada. Lara has extensive Model UN experience from her university life, where she participated in over 15 conferences in various capacities. The vast majority of Lara’s work experience is in communications; she is passionate about a number of issues and has a great deal of research interests. Some of her major research endeavours have looked at screening mammography policy in the United States, the global governance of refugee protection, and the legality of mandatory conscription policies. Lara has worked with UNA-Canada since she participated in her first CANIMUN in 2015; this year, in addition to her role as Secretary-General, she is thrilled to be pioneering CANIMUN’s first Civil Society Network.